Your Senior Dog and Eating Habits (they can surprise you!)

Chloe, a 17 Year Old Mixed BreedWow…It’s been an adjustment going from living with a dog who would eat absolutely anything and eat it in a flash to living with a very senior dog with health challenges who won’t eat until she’s famished by the evening, and then, if you find something she will eat, won’t eat it for more than a couple of days in a row.

Changing a dog’s diet quickly and often is breaking what is just about Rule #1 on the “how to feed your dog” list.  It’s supposed to mess with their digestive systems really badly and can make them pretty sick, give them intestinal problems…you get the picture.

Now, we are faced with a very picky eater who has turned her nose up at hamburger, chicken, turkey, liver, brown rice, (we gave up on the high grade kibble ages ago).  A few days ago, out of desperation, I grilled her a Panini, which she ate ravenously.  Next day, made her another Panini…no way, turn her nose up and walked away.

She’s losing weight too, and because she has cancer (a benign cancer in her lung cavity), the weight loss is of great concern.

This morning she ate blueberries.  That was it.  By tonight, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the little can of “beef stew” that seems to be working does the trick again.

We’ve had her on a cancer diet or a reasonable facsimile for the past year, so until a couple of weeks ago, she’s mostly eaten a small amount of high grade kibble, animal protein, brown rice, millet or quinoa and raw or lightly steamed broccoli.

This has worked well for the past year, and has kept her in very good health for her age (well past 17!) despite the diagnosis of cancer we got over a year ago.

Living with a Senior Dog or Cat can be a roller coaster ride.  Some days good; some days, not so much.  We’ll keep working with Chloe to keep as many of those days good and to keep her eating!

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