For Senior Dogs, Especially Over 10 Years Old, Sugar is Cancer Food… (It is for you, too…)

 Did you know sugar is cancer food?  Before you think I am nuts, think about this.  In laboratory tests, when cancer cells are fed sugar, they grow like crazy.

Sugar is present in many commercial dog foods, and in fact, is what keeps the soft and chewy food and treats soft and chewy.  Sugar also masks the flavors of real food; we are used to the taste of sugar instead of the actual flavor of the foods we are eating.  Same for your dog.

Lobbies are so powerful.  Don’t think for a minute your sugar consumption and that of your dog isn’t lining the pockets of someone in the sugar industry while it destroys your health and that of your pooch.

It’s a shame!

Most regular vets don’t think about diet when they are dealing with cancer in dogs, although they address other dog health issues with dietary changes and adjustments.  Allergies, digestion problems and weight gain all have their special “food” recipes…but not cancer.

Did you also know that cancer is now the number one cause of death in dogs?  1 in 3 dogs contract cancer at any age.  I have a good friend who lost her Kerry Blue Terrier at 9 to a virulent and very aggressive form of lung cancer.  Absolutely nothing could be done, and she tried both conventional and alternative therapies.  Did you also know that a dog over 10 years of age has a 50% chance of getting cancer?

My dog has cancer.  That’s what has led me on this search to try to figure out why it is so prevalent and is killing our dogs so frequently.  According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, there are 6 million cases of dog cancer annually!

We all need to wake up and get sugar out of our diets.  Get used to the way real food tastes, and get your dog off sugar, too.  He’ll live a longer, healthier life.




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